Tip For Writing Winning Investment Business Plans

In my experience many UK business plans are written solely as investment business plans to raise funding. I wish more business owners would make planning part of their everyday operations. But as they don’t, I thought it might be helpful to pull together some key tips for writing winning investment business plans.

There are a few potential pitfalls that a business owner and business plan writer needs to be aware of when seeking loan or investment funding. I have listed my top tips to help you and your advisors prepare for and write a winning investment business plan.

Before I go further, it is worth reiterating that your business plan should tell a story about who you are, what you do, how you go about doing it and where you want it all to end up, or at least where you are headed over the next three to five years.

If your story is for the eyes of potential investors, you need to establish credibility and you need to do this without boring them to tears, i.e. in as short a space as possible. If you are not good at writing clearly and concisely about yourself and your business, it is worth employing a business plan writer to assist you.

At the end of the day what the investor will be seeking to find out is whether your company is worth investing in, which means they need to know how much risk is involved in making the proposed investment.

Here are some tips and things to think about when writing your investment business plans

Sell yourself and your business

Remember the investor does not believe in you and your business, like you do, so you are selling yourself and your business. It goes without saying that you need to be honest, but also show yourself and your business in a good light. Be as concise as you can. You should aim to make your plan less than around 30 pages, excluding appendices (that is not 30 pages of minuscule type! 12 pts is a good typeface size).

Set the scene

Even start up businesses have history, so if you are a start-up say why you are starting this particular business and what you and your team’s experience is, that equips you to set up and run the business. A word of warning for start-ups you will need to be able to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’. If you cannot do this you are unlikely to get funding. If you are already established, talk about your track record and how you got to where you are today.

Get a good team together and say why they are good

For an investment business plan, in particular (less so for a business plans for a bank loan or overdraft), you need to demonstrate that you have assembled a good team, covering all the main skills you need in your business, including a financial advisor and a legal advisor. Describe the knowledge, skills and experience that each brings to the business and what their role is.

Make sure there are no unresolved issues in your business or your plan

Investors won’t want any unresolved issues left in the plan, so if there things that need resolving, like a patent that is due to run out, that is very important to the business, or a key person that is coming up for retirement, deal with them before seeking investment.

Include an executive summary

The investor wants to get a feel quickly for what the business is about and your earning potential, so ensure that you include an executive summary, to enable the reader to gauge the risks and potential rewards as soon as they start reading your plan.

The following headings are a guide to the main areas of content for investment business plans (if you use business planning software all these sections will be covered by the software):

Executive Summary
General Background
Business Environment
Business Background
InvestmentFinancial Plan

Include a well thought through finance plan

The finance plan needs to look forward for at least three years and include a balance sheet forecast, a profit and loss forecast and a cash flow forecast. Good business planning software such as Business Plan Pro is invaluable in helping you get the financial sheets together. Don’t be tempted to be over optimistic in your forecasts. Put some time into your figures to make sure your forecasts are as accurate as you can reasonably make them.

Present your winning investment business plan nicely

Presentation is important, so bind your plan, include an index and write in plain English without using jargon. The people who read investment business plans will not have knowledge about every business sector, so they may not have as much knowledge about your business sector as you do. Treat them as an educated layperson in terms of what they may know about your business sector. If your plan has been around for a while, update it before giving it to a new potential investor.

Secret Jewel Missing From Most New Businesses

There is an very important secret jewel missing from most new businesses. As the powerful value of the Internet grows everyday, there are more and more people getting interested in starting New Internet marketing and MLM businesses. There are tons of opportunities and overwhelming possibilities in this very big Internet world.

Every 6 seconds someone else is starting a home based business. Now over 40 million people are now working from the comfort of their own home.

People are changing from business to business and industry-to-industry everyday in search of that right business move that is booming right now. Does it really matter which business or company you get in. Yes and No. Yes it matters because you have to be people conscious and know what people want and are hungry for.

You may have to develop a trend that would cause people to start gravitating to a new idea in order to be creative and original. Also depending on your interest and desires, you have to choose wisely a business that you are willing to make a habitual progressive act out of. Do the thing that builds longevity and success.

Then at the same time the specific company you get in does not matter because it’s more of your attitude that will determine your success in that business that you choose. Napoleon Hill said that it is the personalities back of a business which determines the measure of success the business will enjoy.

What is more important than choosing the perfect company is having a strong convincing knowing that you will and can be of great increase to others and also…knowing how your strong mental areas and personal interest can enlighten the path for you to follow so that you would be aligning your self with your divine purpose and there would be no wrong or right business but just an infinite potential of creating whatever you desire and manifesting whatever interest you the most.

And not just an ordinary… knowing that you want to grow a business is good enough. You have to know how you can be of service to others and why they need what you have to offer. What are you good at? This is a very important secret jewel missing from most new businesses.

Personality is a secret element that people do not give attention to in starting a new MLM or INTERNET business. Most people want to do the new business just to get out the rat race but enter another rat race anyway.

The secret jewel missing from most new business is a positive joyful attitude toward learning and a strong degree of interest in the subject. Don’t just look for a hot new business venture to get into because you want to make a quick dollar. Pay attention to how you feel toward the idea and ask yourself can you see yourself helping people in this way long term.

Nothing last forever especially a particular company. The law of impermanence keeps us changing and growing consciously and seeking for new experiences so do not get attached to particulars. Make sure that you have programmed your self for increase no matter what you do or which company or industry you are in. What matters is how!

I find that personal development and developing beneficial thinking patterns and habits are the areas in which we shape our secret jewels. And it is my opinion that to guarantee concrete and long term success, we should prepare these mental areas prior to taking any business seriously. And finally be grateful for the wisdom and knowledge you realize even in learning small things and this will propel you in front of whichever business or industry you’re interested in.

Learning is fun and is key in business especially when we have a passion for it. It is an extreme bliss and a rush of pleasure to learn how to overcome setbacks and challenges. Like my passion for music my passion in helping others will determine my success in business and in my entrepreneur goals.

Once thinking and interest is developed your jewel will be able to bring you great fortune in whatever you do because they will still be shaped even if you have to move from one business venture to the next.

So now that hot new business you want is actually powered by you. When you have developed the mind for success, you will attract the right new at home businesses for yourself. Many people will look for that hot new list of businesses hoping to get the right one but more importantly you should be paying attention to what you are interested in. Just ask your brain a question and it will start working on an answer even when you do not realize it.

There are tons of new business openings and new business books that are great information for the new business owner but you will only be successful in that which you understand and can perceive. That new business starts out so much better when you have prepared your mind to mentally perceive the action as a habitual act.

This is so important in starting a new at home business because so many people do not stop to see if they can see themselves building a habit in the new business they join.

Success without learning is doomed for failure!! Learning will unlock the secrets to action…and it is the key to results! To make a positive impact on the world while making a lucrative income!

A Head Start on Small Business Accounting Software

Running a business in whatever size it maybe and in whatever expanse of service or products it caters to costumers is an immense balancing stunt. Aside from the fact that there are competitors to deal with even just to get even, another concern is the financial stability of the business that one runs.

Dealing with competition is one thing while dealing with the turmoil of juggling sales reports, cash in- and outflows, invoices, profits and expenses is indeed a very consuming thing even to think about. The situation can even be more tiring and down-weighing for small business owners.

Most often than not, small businesses are run by people who merely want to make most of their own skill or craft. Usually, they are not people who had gained some degree on business management or in accounting. These businesses had been put up in order for the owners or proprietors to gain good money while doing what they love to do. That is why balancing their craft with the financial necessities to run the business is expected to be a great concern among such entrepreneurs.

This will now be when small business accounting software step into the picture. From what the name suggests, these are software which help business owners, to keep track of the accounting stuff. A major benefit one gets from purchasing and utilizing a small business accounting software is a good record keeping of essentially everything that has to do with the finances of the business.

What a small business accounting software does for the entrepreneur would be to handle all the finance data processing. All there is to do would be to keep a good record of just every single amount of cash that has entered and has gone out that concerns the business, then plugging in all the necessary data and the processing of the report can readily be acquired then.

This way, it will be so much easier for business owners to keep a good track of how the business had been doing for a particular period of time. Also, this allows business owners to have a quick view of business ups and downs, and evaluate the actions which had been done that placed the business into that state. From there, the owner can easily claim and aim to do for the previous actions which brought the business at its peak and eliminate or improve the actions which had been done during those times when the business was not quite doing well.

As the advantages of having a small business accounting software is apparent and clear-cut, there are so many of these are continuously being produced and brought in the market today. So that, instead of helping an entrepreneur out, the confusion as to which one to choose is becoming a frustration.

Among the many accounting software to choose from, PeachTree Pro and Quicken are those which are among the most commendable in cost and performance efficiency.

PeachTree Pro is a very good software which is developed by SAGE. This software had long been gaining good reviews and popularity rankings. What’s good about PeachTree Pro is that it efficiently does for the business owner all the accounting procedures and come up with very comprehensive financial reports. This software provides the core functions there is to further the owners efforts at managing the business by easy access business management and accounting tools and features. Thus, PeachTree Pro does a lot in walking an entrepreneur through the hurly-burly of business’ finances.

Quicken is another commendable software. It is among the most popular brands of accounting softwares. An online version is readily available for people who would want a good eye on their finances, can be used for free. It helps a person handle basically everything that has to do with his or her personal finances. This one is also very user-friendly. Quicken Home and Business software is a suitable one for just every entrepreneur. It helps a lot in managing personal finances and those business related ones almost simultaneously.

Basically, these softwares together with all those out on the market had all been programmed and fashioned to be “the best.” But what will make it best will depend on the very person which will use it. One good thing to consider before doing any purchase is if the product is user-friendly. Given that most small business owners usually does not have all that accountancy prowess, it is important to know if the product can go as lay-man as it can get and yet will still be efficient when it comes to its purpose of finance tracking. Luckily, there are these software providers which offer a reliable man-to-man assistance and some even have as a package inclusion a brief course on the software. There are also those which offer a trial edition of the software which can be readily downloaded. From here, we can see a brief yet clear presentation of what a small business accounting software can do.